Galvin's 'I Made You Mayor' Moment Hangs Over 3rd District Involvement


BOSTON -- With Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin announcing he is "taking direct control" over the 3rd Congressional District recount efforts for Lawrence and Lowell, it's worth remembering Galvin's infamous phone call to Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera.

"Unfortunately, Secretary Galvin's past words and actions call into question his credibility in overseeing close elections. Voters remember that he made an angry call to the Lawrence mayor, saying 'I made you mayor' after overseeing the closely contested Lawrence election. The voters of Massachusetts and the 3rd Congressional District should be rightly concerned about the fair and impartial operation of our elections, and it is very clear to me that Secretary Galvin cannot be viewed as a neutral arbitrator of election disputes," said Anthony Amore, candidate for Secretary of the State.


Secretary Galvin allegedly told Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera 'I made you mayor' after he endorsed Galvin's opponent in the Democratic primary. ('I made you mayor,' Massachusetts elections chief tells Lawrence's Dan Rivera in endorsement spat," Matt Murphy, State House News, 3/5/18)